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caterall parish council
caterall parish council

The Role of Catterall Parish Council

There are three tiers of local government with areas of responsibility in Catterall:

  • Lancashire County Council
  • Wyre Borough Council
  • Catterall Parish Council

What is a Parish or Town Council?

'Parish and town councils are the foundation of local government. They are the level of government closest to the people and have a vital role to play in improving local quality of life. They can influence decisions that affect local people, help bring life to local communities and offer a way of making sure services meet the needs of residents'.

Parish and Town Council Charter in November 2008

Parish councils were formed in 1894 and are the smallest area of civil administration in England. They are the level of local government closest to the people. Councillors serve for a maximum period of four years.

Parish & Town Councils role in the community?

Parish councils have a wide range of duties and powers. A council may resolve to call itself a town council if it so wishes. Councils must be given the power by law before they can act. They are led by the chairman and advised by the clerk. Meetings are open to the public. Time is allowed for residents to give their views and ask questions. Meetings are held mostly in the evening. A good council listens to its electors and represents their views. It also works in partnership with other authorities and various organisations to bring benefit to the parish/town. Councillors must sign a declaration of acceptance of office upon election and must agree to the Code of Conduct before they may act as a councillor. Money for projects is raised from local taxation (precept) and from grants. That money is spent wholly within the parish/town and will add value to the services provided by the principal authorities.

Catterall Parish Council


There are full meetings of the Parish Council every month throughout the year, which take place at Catterall Village Hall, Garstang Road, Catterall. Meetings are held on the first Tuesday commencing at 7pm. All meetings of the Council are open to the public and there is a period just after the start of each meeting put aside for questions from the public and for the receipt of petitions.

An important part of the role of the Parish Council is to represent the views of the Parish in response to various public consultations.

Planning Applications

During the Parish Council meeting the Councillors look at planning applications received by the Planning Authority, Wyre Borough Council and pass their comments. The Parish Council always tries to represent the views put forward by local people in this regard, although sometimes this can prove difficult when an application is controversial and has both vocal support and opposition amongst local residents. Nevertheless, members of the Council take a vigilant approach in representing the local viewpoint, and encourage objectors/supporters of planning applications to attend meetings and put forward their views.

Current planning applications and previous ones for the last three years can be viewed at the Parish Office in Catterall Village Hall during the Residents Surgeries held on Monday mornings and Wednesday afternoons.

To find the latest planning applications or to search older applications look at:

The Christmas Tree

From 2019 Catterall Parish Council will have two Christmas Trees to enjoy.

  • Our original location will be at the Memorial Garden on the corner of Cock Robin Lane and Garstang Road.
  • A new location was chosen by Councillors at Catterall Village Hall for the enjoyment of residents using the hall and Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field.

The festive lighting up ceremony will take place at Catterall Village Hall and is held on Advent Sunday and varies; as this is four Sundays before Christmas. The reigning Catterall Gala Queen and her retinue are invited to perform the switch-on at 5.00pm when carols are sung accompanied by Quadrille Ceilidh Band. Residents and visitors are invited to join the Parish Council inside the hall for refreshments and mince pies.

Parish Plan

Download a PDF version of the Catterall Parish Plan. Download here.

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