Consultation – Speed Indicator Device on Joe Lane

Consultation – Speed Indicator Device on Joe Lane

10th of November, 2023


Catterall Parish Council purchased a new Speed Indicator Device (SPID) in 2020. The SPID displays the speed of approaching vehicles and displays a sad face to vehicles exceeding the speed limit.

The SPID not only shows the speeds that cars are travelling at, it also provides valuable data, such as traffic volumes, average speeds, maximum speeds, etc. It does not identify individual vehicles or record vehicle registration numbers.

The data is shared with the Police on a monthly basis and helps to build a picture of speed issues in Catterall and whether any interventions are required. In recent months we have seen a PCSO led Community Road Watch on Cock Robin Lane and the mobile speed camera on Garstang Road.

Headline reports from the SPID can be viewed, by all, on the Parish Council website at

The SPID is moved to a new position at the start of the month. There are currently 8 locations in Catterall.


Location #

Road Name

Lighting Col. No.

Aimed at traffic travelling……


Catterall Gates Lane

LC 5

Westbound (on offside)


Baylton Drive

LC 4

SW bound


Garstang Road (B6430)

LC 21



Garstang Road (B6430)

LC 23



Garstang Road (B6430)

LC 30



Garstang Road (B6430)

LC 48



Cock Robin Lane

LC 6

NE bound


Cock Robin Lane

Post by Stone Cross Gardens

SW bound


The Proposal

It is known locally that a relatively high proportion of vehicles exceed the speed limit on Joe Lane. By periodically positioning the SPID here, it is hoped that this will help to educate drivers and calm traffic.

The scheme involves the permanent installation of a galvanised steel post complete with mounting brackets. The proposed Joe Lane post will have brackets on both sides to enable the SPID to face in either direction.

The identified location is between number 34 and 36 Joe Lane (see image).


How to Respond

Before Catterall Parish Council makes a final decision, we would like to hear your views. You can let us know by one of the following methods:


1. By completing the attached form and returning it to us by hand or by post to:

SPID Consultation

Catterall Parish Council,

2 Elder Court,




2. By completing the attached form and returning it to us by email to: [email protected]


3. Or by letting us know your views by writing to us at either of the above addresses.


If you wish to participate in this consultation or let us know your views, please respond by midnight on Sunday 3rd December 2023.  


We will not be holding any specific public information events, but you are welcome to attend the Parish Council Meeting held at Catterall Village Hall at 7.00pm on Tuesday 5th December.