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Wheel Play Area

The opening ceremony for improvements of play and exercise on the Queen Elizabeth II Playing Field took place on Saturday 3rd November.

Parish Council Chairman Brayshaw cut the ribbon and announced all the equipment was now available for residents and visitors to use.

Catterall Parish Council undertook, with public and local organisations consultation, to create a circular path around the playing field with six individual pieces of adult exercise equipment.  These items all have instructions to follow for safety and best use, they are mounted on wet pour giving a springy feel to the ground and cushioned any falls!

The Older Childrens Play Area consists of a spider like climbing frame to suit those looking for more of a challenge and for those with wheels the fenced Wheeled Play Area has a number of ramps and grind bars to hone your skills.

Our first talking litter bin in the shape of a Cock Robin has been installed at the side of the Toddler Play Area well used for over a year now.

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