Your Councillors


Mr. Ian Christopher Brayshaw Chairman
Miss. Jan Finch Vice-Chairman 07990 893800
32a Cock Robin Lane Catterall PR3 1YL


Gillian Benson Parish Council Clerk 01995 600689 [email protected]
57, Hamers Wood Drive, Catterall, Garstang, Preston


Mrs. Susan Bulman Councillor 01995 602360
4 Thornbank Drive Catterall PR3 1YP
Mr. Simon Kirkman Councillor 07808 475481
11 Baylton Drive Catterall PR3 0EA
Mr. David Sharples 01995 603763
31 Boyes Avenue Catterall PR3 0HB
Mr. Kevin O'Hanlon Councillor 07968 469756
14 Stone Cross Gardens Catterall PR3 1YQ
Mrs. Joan Mackenzie 01995 608859
16 Catterall Gates Lane Catterall PR3 1YH
Mrs. Gemma Balshaw 01995 471344
The Parklands Catterall PR3 1YT

Wyre Borough Councillor for Brock with Catterall

Mrs. Elizabeth Webster Councillor 01995 604345
Mr. Shaun Turner Councillor 07917 836683

Country Councillor for Wyre Rural East

Mr. Shaun Turner Councillor 07775 098532

MP for Lancaster & Wyre

Mr. B. Wallace Member of Parliament 01995 672977
C/o Constituency Office Great Eccleston Village Centre 59 High Street Great Eccleston PR3 0YB